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Chef Recommendations

Onion Loaf

You can't say you've been to Tony Roma's until you've tried our golden, crispy, and light onion rings tower. They are unique in the world and the envy of our competitors.

Saucy Ribs
Carolina Honey

Nothing can be better... A smooth blend of honey and our BBQ sauce. The perfect choice for those looking for something a little sweet. Served with fries and coleslaw.

Shrimp Scampi

Lightly sautéed shrimp with garlic, fresh basil, roasted tomatoes, pesto, and a touch of chipotle. Served over linguini pasta with Asiago cheese.

Santa Fe

On a crispy wheat tortilla, we place lettuce, shredded cheese, bacon bits and tomato. On top: a breaded and crispy chicken breast and our special honey mustard sauce.

Signature Steak
Tony Surf & Turf

Tender and juicy premium beef tenderloin seasoned and grilled. Accompanied by crispy prawns, fries, broccoli, Demi-glace sauce and Cocktail sauce

Craft Burgers
Grand Tony

The biggest and most delicious burger you can imagine, with double meat, mushrooms, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Gruyere cheese and mayonnaise. Served with fries and coleslaw.

Benedict Grilled Salmón

Tender grilled salmon lightly seasoned with a touch of Scampi butter and our hollandaise sauce. Served with rice and vegetables.

So Sweet Dessert
Skillet Cookie Sundae

A Large American cookie topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot chocolate. Served in the original cast iron skillet Tony Roma's favorite dessert!